Tips for Consensus

I just stumbled across what looks like a great series of blog posts over at the Federation of Egalitarian Communities on the finer points of consensus-based meetings.

The latest post is about the pace of meetings: when to accelerate (e.g. introductions, reports) and when to slow down (e.g. tough decisions, emotional issues). Meeting pace is definitely something KCCA (and a good few other orgs I’ve been involved with) could use some practice on!

Other topics covered so far have been:

  • When do you know enough to act?
  • Closing the deal
  • Wordsmithing in plenary
  • Redirecting competition
  • Bridging disparate views
  • Harvesting partial product
  • When to be formal
  • Harnessing brainstorms
  • Coping with blocking energy
  • Defining respect
  • Balancing voices

(Links are to be found in the blog post–go there!)

Golly I’d love to be at a meeting facilitated by this person! We should all get better at this stuff!

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