If you are part of an organization that needs ongoing child-care at events or meetings, you should consider partnering with us! We develop lasting relationships with our partner organizations and work towards building community among progressive groups in Atlanta.

Becoming a partner

In order to become a partner, at least one member from your organization must attend one of the Collective’s meetings to tell us about your organization and what your needs are. Members at the meeting will decide if we think your organization is a good fit.

Please take a look at our criteria for partners to see if you or your organization is a good fit.

Once the partnership is established, someone from your organization must commit to being in reliable contact with the Collective. A member of the Collective will be assigned to bottom-line (coordinate) child-care for your organization’s events. Your contact and our bottom-liner will work together to ensure things run smoothly. You can see further description of our expectations from partner organizations in our Organization Partner Agreement or for individuals in our Individual service user agreement.

Giving back?

Payments or donations from partners are neither required nor expected. The Collective does not have any requirements for organizations to give back. We prefer what is given back to be on the terms of the organization and for this aspect of the relationship to develop organically.

Please contact us if you are interested in being one of our partners!

Current partners

Our current partners are:

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  • 9 to 5 Working Women
  • BLOCS: Building Locally to Organize for Community Safety
  • MEIA-G: Movement to End Israeli Apartheid Georgia
  • GLAHR: Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights

Check our blog for periodic reports on our partners’ radical activities!

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