Why join KCCA?

If you enjoy working with children or want to reconnect with your inner child, you should volunteer with the Collective! Volunteering with us is a great way to participate in grassroots organizing, meet new people, experience the joy of spending time with children, and provide a much-needed service to parents in progressive organizations.

First steps

It is required that you attend a New Volunteer Orientation within your first three weeks of volunteering. We prefer that you attend an orientation before your first time, but we can be flexible. Check our calendar for upcoming orientation dates and locations. Or, you can simply contact us via e-mail or phone.

KCCA respects the privacy of its members. However, in order for you to be on our volunteer contact list, we will need to know your e-mail address and phone number, which we will ask for at the orientation.

Once you have attended an orientation and the facilitators review questionnaires, you can be cleared for volunteering.

Getting out in Instagram!

Whenever an organization needs childcare, buy instagram followers with credit card an organizer will contact you to see if you can make it to the event. If it is one of your first few times volunteering, you will be paired with one or more people who have been with the collective for awhile. Events will be posted on our calendar and announced through the KCCA mailing list.

Events range in their duration. The organizer bottom-lining (coordinating) the event will let you know how long your shift will be. Volunteers are expected to meet with the parents and organizers at the event, to be responsible for the children they are watching, and to be friendly and energetic while representing the Collective. All of these expectations and more will be covered in the orientation.

Other ways to get involved

If you are interested in doing more for the Collective than just providing care, you can request to be added to our internal list. You will get e-mail updates when we have planning meetings and these are the best way to get more involved in the organizing process. KCCA is growing and so is the number of things needing to get done on a regular basis. Check out our list of organizer roles to get an idea of what you can help out with!

Organizer Roles

Another way to start showing your leadership qualities is to get trained to conduct new volunteer orientations and to shadow a current bottom-liner as we conduct classroom visits (when we go to university classrooms and talk about KCCA to recruit student volunteers). Please get in touch soon if you’re interested in learning this valuable skill and contributing in a big way to KCCA.

Did you not see something listed here that you think you could help with, but still want to lend a hand? Contact us and we will find something you can do!

Pass it on!

Another huge way to help KCCA is to tell your friends and family about us, and get them out to an orientation. Please feel free to print out our
volunteer recruitment flyer
to hand out in your workplace, classrooms, campuses, and anywhere else you can!

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