KCCA’s New Organizer Roles

KCCA has defined eight exciting and essential roles for organizers in the collective. The purpose of the roles is to encourage enthusiasm, consistency, and accountability in the performance of group’s key duties. Awesome! Even more awesome is that all the roles were filled last night at our monthly meeting and potluck!

Without further ado, the roles and their occupants are:

  • Administrative Volunteer – Amariah L.
  • Volunteer Recruiter – Caitlyn O.
  • Blogger – Tom S.
  • Party Planner – Caroline C.
  • Partner Coordinator – Adam W.
  • Treasurer – Amariah L.
  • ICCC Liaison – Sam A.
  • Meeting Facilitator – Kelli S.

Many of these roles will need lots of support from other volunteers. If you’re interested in helping out, get in touch!

Also, go to our Organizer Role page for details on the responsibilities of each role.

Hooray for KCCA!

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