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In today's world, technology is rapidly evolving quickly. And the masses are subject to various terms that are becoming popular, and yet can be someone new, while others have long been accustomed to them. Twitter. We often hear this word from the media or from the conversation of young people. You can also Buy real YouTube Views on official website.

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What is real active followers on Twitter? This is a short messaging service. The name comes from the chirping of birds. No wonder today's logo is a small bird. Everyone wants to tell something to your friends, or just to share something interesting with the world, but because of their employment can not do it. That's the essence of doing microblogging. Going on your own page necessary person, we can learn about it, that he was thinking, what delights, interesting he saw, what his mood ... Of course, if he shared it and buy real active twitter followers on this page.

History of Twitter

Twitter History began in 2006. And for nearly 9 years of service reached 500 million users. Although originally was intended for internal use. Twitter sharply risen in popularity because it is really like people. It's convenient. That's interesting. The main question, which was founded by the idea of service - "What are you doing now?". Then gradually improves the chances of Twitter, has added new features to work not only with text messages, but also with photos and video. Were also introduced hashtags, in order to structure the messages and easier to find them. More convenience have made it possible to monitor a group of authors, and not for each separately. Also a great feature is that everyone can live there your blog, the interface is simple and clear even to children. More Twitter - large social network the best place to buy real active twitter followers favorites with credit card. Those fans of stars there is opportunity to learn all about a famous person. Most musicians, politicians, actors, famous people have their own Twitter account with millions of readers. After all, the official blog - is primarily a primary source for the rest of the media and journalists. Some important events were published tweeted earlier than before it reached the media. That's where you can see both important public notification and that some of life's best friend. However, there is another side to the use of this service with credit card. Some people abuse the knowledge of microblogging, publishing every minute minor events of his life, that it is possible there is a paradox when they become anti-social. In real life. Each person find application for their twitter. Someone is the object of observation, and someone – a reader, or follower, as in twitter’s slang. So, who become a registered user of Twitter - it's up to you.

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