The KCCATL MERIT Scholarship Program 2023

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We assist scholars pursuing nursing, medicine, trucking, EEE or applied sciences and CSE in achieving their goals. These individuals are dedicated to support and enhance other people lives. Apply for our $1,000 merit-based, we have the Spring scholarships. The grant will help you to learn and sharpen your expertise in the engineering or healthcare fields.
Essay Topic: How has social networks (Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter) changed the world positively and negatively?

How do you apply?

You have to submit a persuasive 300-400-word essay, explaining why you qualify for the scholarship.
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Your write-up has to meet the our guidelines and topic: Social networks in your life

Include your current achievements and should be highlighted and concise

Observe 100 % accuracy in the information provided in your essay

Link to brief videos of your previous projects in the form below

Email lecturers or tutors short video recommendations in the form below

To support your content, send any related documents, videos or photos

If you are interested in Fall scholarships, make applications before 30th November 2022. Note that the selected candidate's announcement is as follows.
For those who would like to apply for the Spring scholarships, the submission of your essay should be before 30th March 2023. Fall scholarship will be proclaimed on 15th December 2022 and Spring scholarship winners on 15th April 2023.

Who Are Eligible for These Scholarships?

The students who have acquired a minimum GPA of 3.0 and have or planning to join an accredited institution. If you need to change your program, we shall recheck previous year results and advise accordingly. Below are general requirements for the eligible students:
  • You must be 18 years and above
  • Must be a Canadian or US citizen
  • Must be pursuing a course in the healthcare or engineering related field
  • Vetting of Essays
  • The editors making the selection will consider your writing, grammar, individual accomplishments, enthusiasm, innovation and ability

Is it easy to write a unique article about social networks?

Of course!

Social networks are used by every student and do not require additional knowledge to write a few paragraphs about the role of your favorite social network in your life.

How are videos assessed?

  • Videos have to be short, and introduction should not play for more than 5 minutes and it is admissible to use YouTube service
  • Your past projects should be relevant to your applied career interests
  • The video has to convince the judges as why you are the best candidate for the scholarship
  • Besides, you should talk about your personality and the reasons as to why you fit in the applied field

Personal Details Confidentiality

The contact details that you submit are primarily to contact the selected scholars for these grants. At times the website manager will use the information for verification purposes. For those who qualify for the scholarship, these details are essential for any legal requirements. By partaking in this process, you give us full accord to utilize the information in an above-stipulated manner.

Scholarship Financial Support

Note that our scholarship amounts to $1,000. Students get compensated for costs associated to training materials. For you to get your reimbursement you will be required to submit the purchase receipts. A $1,000 check only will be credited to your account. Note that any other extra costs that surpass the grant get catered for by the student.
We are here to support you in enhancing your career.

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