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How to buy automatic Instagram comments?

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buy automatic Instagram comments

Buy automatic Instagram comments fast and safely on our website. For purchase automatic comments on Instagram, you need PayPal or a debit card (Visa & MasterCard). Select the desired number of comments that you want to buy for your future posts. In the field: Amount of comments per each new post - enter the number of comments you want to get to each new post. Then click the Buy Now button.

For example:
  • If you selected a package of 100 comments and want to get 10 comments for each new post, then 10 future photos or videos will receive 10 comments automatically.

We provide automatic Instagram comments for future posts from real people. Therefore, comments will arrive gradually and naturally. Each user will see your new video or photo. Thus, a real person will comment on the publication, setting out true thoughts and feelings. Also, you can buy Istagram comments for one or multiple published posts on this page.

What are automatic Instagram comments?

Automatic comments for Instagram posts are comments that will arrive on every new post. Future pictures and videos will receive the limited number of comments that you specified in the order. Real comments will be received until the purchased amount of automatic comments is depleted. We provide two types of automatic Instagram comments for purchasing:

  • Limited automatic comments for every future Instagram post. In the order, you specify the limit of comments for new posts.
  • Monthly or daily automatic Instagram comments. Such comments arrive gradually throughout the day to the latest posts automatically every day. The number of comments received depends on the daily limit set. A certain number of users will visit your Instagram page every day to comment on the latest posts.
For example:
  • If you bought 500 automatic Instagram comments and you want to receive 10 comments daily. Then your Instagram page will get 10 comments per day for 50 days.

Who writes automatic comments on Instagram?

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  • Real users write relevant comments on Instagram posts in English. We send a certain number of users that you set in the order. Each real user sees your publication and leaves his opinion about the picture or video. It can be text on the topic of the post or just Emojis. We can send different users to comment to each new post. Also, commenting users can be repeated periodically if necessary. We can send users at a certain interval.

    These are usually users of different genders from different countries. But we can send only female or only male accounts for commenting if you need it. When making a purchase, you can write your wishes in a special field or send a letter with instructions through the contact form on our website.

    Why buy auto comments Instagram on our website?

    Human Comments That Leave Real and Active Instagram Followers
    Buy auto comments Instagram on reliable website

    Buy auto comments Instagram on our reliable website. We have been providing Instagram auto comments for over 6 years and, according to the reviews of most of our regular customers, these are the best thematic auto comments from true Instagram users. We have a large base of real Instagram users who comment on posts of their own free will.

    Purchase auto Instagram comments from real users gives good activity for the Instagram page. Buying auto comments that arrive automatically, you don't have to worry about commenting of new posts every time.

    Main Advantages

    Real people

    Relevant comments are written by real people who see pictures and video posts.

    Reliability and Safety

    Easy and fast purchase of automatic IG comments through PayPal with credit and debit card.

    Friendly Support

    You can write instructions for the order and our support will try to satisfy your wishes.

    Automatic Instagram Comments

    We strive to provide Our Customers with Top Notch Service to make their Instagram Wonderful. SocialStore offers you the great service Automatic Instagram Comments. Buy Automatic comments on Instagram and your future publications will get comments automatically.
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