Agnes Scott DIY Event!

Sam and myself recently attended the Agnes Scott Do It Yourself Festival, the first of its kind! We had a fabulous time talking to dozens of Agnes Scott students and assorted visitors about what KCCA does and how we do it. Most awesomely, we filled four and a half pages with names, e-mails, and phone numbers of people interested in volunteering with KCCA! And about 90% of these folks specifically told us that they want to do child care with us! We also sold a few of our radical coloring books, ate some popcorn, and learned how to make some really cool hand scrub. Agnes Scott folks were so receptive to our message and our organization in general that we are hoping to have our next few volunteer orientations on campus.

Speaking of, check out our calendar! It is finally up and running again, and dates/times are up for upcoming orientations, meetings, and volunteer opportunities.

Also! Look out for more details on our upcoming fundraiser on June 8th at the Phillip Rush Center. We are raising funds to help get KCCA volunteers to the Allied Media Conference this year. More coming soon!

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