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We'll help you craft a social presence that resonates with your audience, building a community that champions your brand. Ready to level up your social media game with our KCCATL team?

We're more than just social media gurus; we're a team of passionate storytellers, strategists, and data-enthusiasts. United by our love for all things social, we've helped countless businesses navigate the ever-changing social media landscape.

KCCATL Team Goal

To empower businesses and users to harness the full potential of social media, with a particular emphasis on Instagram's power for brand growth.

Meet the Team

Sophia Davis "The Strategist"

A visionary with a knack for turning engagement into revenue. Sophia crafts foolproof Instagram strategies that deliver results (and then some). A self-confessed hashtag addict, she's always ahead of the latest trends. Sophia has her finger on the pulse of Instagram. She's constantly analyzing the latest features, algorithm updates, and emerging trends. Sophia translates insights into actionable articles that help businesses and Instagram users stay ahead of the curve. Her writing empowers readers to adapt their Instagram strategies for maximum impact.

The Marketing Graduate

Studied: Marketing with a specialization in Digital Media at Kent State University.
Previous Work: Social Media Intern at a local ad agency, followed by a Junior Marketing role at a tech start-up.
Why Instagram? Her passion for the platform's visual storytelling and the ability to directly connect with audiences led her to specialize in Instagram strategies.

Sophia Davis
Sophia Davis Author and Instagram strategist

Jacob​ Brooks "The Visual Whiz"

He turns articles about YouTube promotion into attractive short stories that are easy to read and understand. Jacob Brooks is a YouTube analytics enthusiast. His passion lies in understanding the trends, algorithms, and audience behavior that drive success on the platform. A former marketing analyst, Jacob translates complex data into actionable insights. His articles empower creators to make informed decisions about their content, helping them optimize their strategies for maximum growth.

Content Strategist and Marketer


University: Jacob studied Business Administration at New York University.

Focus: During his degree, he took electives in video marketing, content strategy, and online advertising.

Side Hustle: While in college, Jacob started his own small YouTube channel about tech reviews, learning about video editing, SEO, and audience engagement.

Work Experience

Internship: Jacob interned at a digital marketing agency, initially focused on paid social media, but he gravitated towards their YouTube growth strategies for clients.

Early Career: His first job after college was as a Content Marketing Specialist for a software company, where he helped launch their YouTube channel and create tutorials and product demos.

Freelance Success: After gaining experience, Jacob started freelancing on the side, specializing in YouTube channel optimization and helping creators gain subscribers. This side hustle eventually grew into his current focus.

Author of articles and YouTube promoter Jacob works with the KCCATL team.

Jacob​ Brooks
Jacob​ Brooks Author and Content Strategist

Olivia Miller "The Wordsmith"

A master of captions that convert, Olivia believes words have the power to ignite action. She'll turn your brand voice into Instagram magnet, attracting followers and boosting brand loyalty. With a background in photography and graphic design, she brings a unique aesthetic sensibility to his articles. Olivia dives deep into the power of compelling visuals, teaching readers how to use imagery, color, and composition to tell their brand story.

Talent and Dedication


University: Olivia earned her Bachelor of Arts in Marketing Communications from the University of West Virginia Reed College of Media.

Specialization: During her studies, she focused on social media strategy, digital analytics, and content creation.

Student Projects: Olivia led the social media campaign for a student-run non-profit, boosting their online presence and fundraiser results significantly.

Work Experience:

Internship #1: Olivia interned at a boutique PR firm in her hometown, where she managed social media accounts for local businesses and learned the basics of community management.

Internship #2: She worked with a larger marketing agency specializing in tech startups, assisting in influencer outreach and developing creative campaigns.

Junior Position: Her first full-time role was as a Social Media Coordinator for a mid-sized e-commerce company, where she handled day-to-day posting, customer engagement, and ad creation.

Olivia's experience led her to her current position on the KCCATL team, specializing in social media promotion strategies.

Olivia Miller
Olivia Miller Author and Social Media Coordinator

Beyond Promotion

We don't just 'do' social media; we live and breathe it. Our knowledge extends beyond tactics and into the heart of Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Tiktok success. That's why we regularly contribute insightful articles on social media marketing, diving deep into business and brand promotion strategies that empower our readers to achieve their social media goals.

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