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KCCA Documentary

Filming has started for KCCA’s upcoming documentary. We have gotten footage, including many awesome interviews, from the fundraiser party and the Jobs with Justice event, both of which are described in more detail below. This documentary will double as a class project for the current lead organizers in KCCA (Amariah Love and Sam Affholter) and an exciting way to document the origins, development, and work of KCCA in its first year. We are excited to create accessible media that talks about the radical community-building and childcare structures that are alive and thriving today. We are especially excited to give the organizers we work with a chance to talk about their experience with KCCA, why they need and care about radical childcare, and how it has effected their organizing and their communities. Look for more information coming soon!

Fundraiser on April 1st

KCCA’s first fundraiser was a huge success! Guest started arriving around 5pm, enjoying a table chock-full of delicious food and desserts along with home-brewed beer, wine, and vegan cupcakes for sale. DJ Santiago provided excellent tunes all evening and the atmosphere created between the music and the beautiful space was perfect for a KCCA party. Several children showed up and enjoyed painting KCCA toy boxes, hanging out with our volunteers, and shakin’ it on the dance floor.


Expenses for the party were kept extremely low thanks to the generosity of folks at The Big House for letting us use their space for free, for volunteers at the big house, Kung Li, and several volunteers providing food and dessert at no cost including Neil Fitzgerald and Crystal Rogers, for Roger Sikes from Jobs with Justice for providing home-brewed beer and Sweetwater for us to sell at no cost, for DJ Santiago using his time, resources, and amazing talent to provide music for the party, and for the time and efforts of many KCCA volunteers including Stian, Cheryl Lesner, Ian Guthridge, Roger Sikes, Cortez Wright, Alex Venegas-Steele, Sam Affholter, Dawn Gibson, Catherine Karra, Anna Kurien, Nive Ganeshan, and Vincent Castillenti. Thanks to these folks and everyone who came out to support us, KCCA raised $416!!!!

These funds will help us in our efforts to file for non-profit status, which will allow us to apply for grants to help us with our goal of ongoing, stable, free radical childcare for needy families. They will also help us purchase supplies we need to do more effective outreach and volunteer recruitment, such as creating stickers, more coloring books, flyers, etc. If you were not able to attend the fundraiser but want to contribute to our organization, please make sure to visit our site and DONATE


Jobs with Justice

On Saturday, April 2nd, KCCA attended Speak Out for Jobs Now, where unemployed and under-employed folks came to tell their stories, network, and utilize services such as free haircuts, massages, legal advice, and more. KCCA provided free childcare for the entire event, from 10am-4pm, caring for a total of 11 kids throughout the day. We also tabled, and were able to get information from around 10 folks interested in volunteering and helping out with filing for non-profit status, as well as raising $35 and selling most of our remaining radical coloring books! KCCA is super excited to be able to work with the amazing organizers at Jobs With Justice and is looking forward to more collaborations in the future. It was a pleasure to be able to provide childcare so that this event could run as smoothly as possible. Check out more details about this event on the following pages:

WSTV Coverage

11 Alive Event Description

MEIA-G ESL Classes

Amariah Love of KCCA joined a group of activists from Movement to End Israeli Apartheid (MEIA-G), Project Hope Atlanta, and American Friends Service Committee to walk through the space in Clarkston at which English as second language classes will be taking place for Palestinian, Iraqi, and other refugee women in the area. KCCA is grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such a fantastic partnership and direct action that confronts the challenges facing people directly effected by Apartheid practices in Israel.

Building ESL Infrastructure in Clarkston

And of course, our partners…

Our partnerships with the fabulous organizations 9 to 5 Working Women, Building Locally to Organize for Community Safety (BLOCS), Nicholas House, and now MEIA-G are going strong. Relationships between KCCA volunteers and our partners’ organizers and their children are thriving and continuously allowing us to make further connections in our community. Our partners help us thrive, grow, learn, and give us the opportunity to serve our community in a meaningful way. KCCA is less than a year old and we have already accomplished so much! And we have so much to look forward to – so keep reading!

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